Independent Testing Services

Testing is an integral part of software development and it plays a vital role in the delivery of quality products. MARS recognizes this crucial factor and are well aware that in order to ensure quality it is not only necessary to rectify bugs but locate the root cause for such occurrences and eliminate them. This goes a long way in the prevention of bugs in the early stages of the Testing Cycle. A key factor in any engagement is the continuous improvement and the effective utilization of your own resources to focus on new product design & development. We will work with you to apply improvements to your system's lifecycle, minimizing the cost of testing whilst at the same time optimizing the process to improve the quality of delivered systems.

QA Services

Software Testing involves all verification and validation activities carried out on software product to ensure end-product quality. These activities include Test Planning and Test Case Development, Automation activities to reduce human involvement in Testing thereby reducing Test Cycle time, Actual Testing activities such as executing the Test cases, analyzing test results, identifying software defects and making reports on product quality.

MARS offers comprehensive quality assurance services including setting up of Test Labs, Feature functionality Testing, System Testing, Regression Testing and Automated Testing. MARS has developed comprehensive acceptance Test Plans and procedures and automated them for testing compliance to these standards. Our services range from supplementing in-house skills through to outsourcing the entire QA function to an offshore facility.


Automation is indispensable to achieve significant savings in the time required to complete Test Cycles, which will in turn increase the Test Coverage. This approach helps in eliminating human error and provides faster results. By increasing the number of tests within a given deadline and the resources available, an Automated Test Suite provides a ready-to-use template that allows maintenance programmers to carry out frequent releases resulting in overall quality improvement over a period of time.

We have carefully built the Test Management harness, which ensures that the automation test suites more reviewable. Execution of the test suite results in a status report includes details about the test(s) that have passed / failed versus the actual bugs found. These reports are an indispensable source material for analyzing the cost-effectiveness of the Automation.